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Ghost Mannequin Photography Editing: What You Need to Know

Posted by Ghost Mannequin
===>>> To get a quote and to request a free trial on your Photoshop ghost mannequin editing project, Contact Us Today.

Joolo Media is a Canadian photo editing / retouching services provider and your prime choice in Photoshop related services outsourcing. If you are looking for an outsourcing partner who will Photoshop your ghost mannequin photography, Joolo Media is the company you have been looking for.

When you work with Joolo Media on your ghost mannequin photography editing needs, you can expect to get the following from us:

• 24 hour delivery • client confidentiality • competitive cost • highest quality • top notch communication • unparalleled services and support

There are more good reasons for which you will wish to elect Joolo Media as your ghost mannequin photography editing services partner. Contact us today and let us work on your sample images for FREE. Our FREE Ghost Mannequin Photography editing sample will give you an idea and our job quality. At the same time, we can also give you a quote on your project.

High quality edit samples coupled with competitive cost will show you that we are your top choice in you ghost mannequin photography editing needs.

We have been in the business for some time and we are here to STAY! We are not here to make a quick buck and then go to the next job. We are here to build long term business relationship with our clients so that we work as partners for years to come. Clients that work with us once typically stay with us for ever. Out photo editing team is growing so fast that we are one of the fastest growing photo editing company in the industry.

Our Photoshop operators are skilled with any version of adobe Photoshop, be it adobe Photoshop cs3, adobe Photoshop cs4, adobe Photoshop cs5 or even later. For any type of Photoshop related work, you can rely on our skilled and professional team.

Working with us on your ghost mannequin photography editing, you do not need any fancy dress form mannequin or invisible mannequin dummy as required by some ghost mannequin photography editing services providers. A typical or standard dress form or life size mannequin will do the job.

You do the ghost mannequin photography shooting, we do the ghost mannequin photography editing.

Do I need to Hire a Professional Ghost Mannequin Photographer for my apparel photo shoot?

The choice is your. We have clients who do their own ghost mannequin photography shooting and we have clients who hire professional photographer for their product photos. We also have clients who are photographers and shoot client apparel product photos and let us do the editing. Whether you are a client shooting your own product photos, letting the professional photographer shoot your photos, or a photographer yourself, you can rely on our professional team on your ghost mannequin photography editing.

Working with us, you will not have to worry about the deadline or edit quality. We always deliver our jobs within 24 hours so you know your job will be done when (and in most cases, before) you need it. Just think of us as your extended team where you remain in full control of all the external variables.

You just let us know when you need your projects to be done. If you are on a time sensitive project and need it to be delivered within the next few hours, in most cases we can accommodate the request based on the time difference in client country and our studio local time. So if you have such urgent project, just let us know and be amazed at our delivery excellence.

Some Ghost Mannequin Photography Editing Samples:

For sample ghost mannequin pictures, Visit Our Pinterest Ghost Mannequin Photography Sample Page.

Do you offer Ghost Mannequin Photography or Product Photo Service?

We are a Photoshop editing and retouching company and work on the photos that you send. We offer our photo editing services globally and not restricted to any specific locality. Our team edits your post-production or pre-press images to make them web or print compatible. If you need a photographer to shoot your apparel product photos, we are sure you can find a local photographer from a simple google search.

Do you offer FREE Ghost Mannequin Editing Trial?

Yes, our team will be happy to do a sample edit for your products. Just send us the required images for one or even two of your clothing products and we will send you the sample edits within 24 hours.

With our free ghost mannequin editing trial, you have nothing to lose. However, there are some requirements to be eligible for the free trial offer. Since we are here as a photo editing company, we can only do so much free photo editing maintain our current work volume. We request that you provide us the following information when requesting a free trial job:

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Contact number
  • Company URL
  • Edit type
  • Monthly quantity (higher the quantity, better the pricing)

Anything else we need to know about your business that will help us come up with a long term pricing strategy. We are here to do a long term business and not focused on a one time job revenue. With all the information requested and based on the volume, we will come up with a pricing that will be best for our mutual interest and will help us develop a long term business relationship.

What are the other names ghost mannequin photography editing is known for?

Ghost mannequin photography is also known as invisible mannequin, neck joint, etc. the word ghost and invisible is inter-changeable and depending on the country and industry, different name is used for the same term. If you are not sure what type of editing you need or whether we offer the editing services of your choice, just ASK US.

I want to shoot my own ghost mannequin photography. What are the things I need to keep in mind?

It’s a great idea that you wish to shoot your very own product photos. There are many advantages of shooting your own product photos. Some are:

  • No need to pay for a professional photographer
  • No need to schedule your busy day to accommodate a photographer
  • No need to let the products out of your site
  • No need to wait for the products to get back along with the product photography
  • No need to wonder around whether you will get the photo shoot done in time or not
  • And many more…

If you shoot your own product photos, you are at complete control of your time and be certain that the photos will be done before you need them. Not to mention the saving on professional product photography.

There are only few things you will need to be focused on while shooting your very own apparel images.

You must need a mannequin. Its not a ghost mannequin photography if there is no mannequin to dress. Once you have a mannequin handy, you are ready to start shooting.

Second is lights which is the most important thing you will need to focus on. If the product is not properly lit, the image will not come up as good and bright. Too much light can cause the shot image to come up with a reflection which you don’t want. So there will need to be a balance. If you have the lights focusing on the front of the dress only, the back of the dress will not be balanced with same amount of light so you will need some lights for the back also. 4 of those umbrella lights with diffused lighting capability is all you need.

And surely you will need a good camera. A digital SLR camera will do the job. No need to buy those fancy cameras with hand long lens the professional photographers use. A half decent digital SLR camera with some advanced options will do the job. If you are not sure what kind of camera you need for your photo shooting, just do a little research on the internet and you will find the right camera for your budget.

How much does your ghost mannequin photography editing services cost?

As mentioned above under the trial section, cost varies on the image quantity. It is understandable that a project with 5 images to edit and a project with hundreds of images edited on a regular basis will not have the same pricing. We are focused to come up with the best pricing possible for every project and every client. We can guarantee you that for the level of service, delivery time and edit quality, you will not find any better combination than us anywhere else. That’s how confident we are in what we do.

Its not even possible to give out a price without knowing the product type. Ghost mannequin editing can be done on many types of clothing items, it can be done on hats, sweaters, pants, robes, gowns, tops, lingerie, you just name it. Different product will have its own different pricing as the time required to edit the images will be different. Once we do the sample edit for your product, we will have a good understanding of your project which will help us give you the right quite. We can assure you that pricing will not be an issue in doing business with us.

So do not hesitate and Contact Us Today for your ghost mannequin photography editing.

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